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Mario Jakas' 
Universidad de La Laguna homepage


Departamento de Física Fundamental y Experimental,

Electrónica y Sistemas.
Facultades de Física y Matemáticas.
38201 La Laguna, Tenerife.

Tel. +34 922 31 82 34
Fax +34 922 31 82 28

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Research Interests


  • The interaction of charged atomic particles with matter. Sputtering, secondary electron and ion emissions. Stopping power.  Computer simulation of surfaces growth.


  • Computer simulations: Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo.
  • Transport equation.
  • Fluids dynamics.

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Courses I teach at the ULL :

  1. ELECTRIC POWER (Chemical Engn.) 
  2. Physics (Civil Engn.)
  3. Electronic devices (Master in Electronics Engn.)
  4. Fundamentals and Applications of Informatics


I am also interested in:

Vacuum fluctuation, sonoluminescence and the modelling and simualtion of the finance system.

Other web-sites:

Institute of Physics (UK)

Sigma Xi, the scientific research society.


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